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The Bamford Family is one of oldest family businesses in Canada with a start back in 1881, now 140 years of tradition in year 2021.

James Bamford and Sons was located for many years at the St. Lawrence Market till it moved offsite back in the late 1970’s. Bamford family currently has the 4th Generation helping to oversee the businesses.

In 2003, the family acquired a single stall at the Ontario Food Terminal and has since expanded to three stalls. Together with Freshline Foods, our processing and fresh cut division, along with Bamford Produce, our food service distribution division, the Bamford Family is uniquely positioned to service wholesalers, retailers and the food service industry.

Today we are made up of multiple companies that allow us strategic vertical integration that helps us maximize efficiencies and offer all our customers a very unique diversified model. These include; Farming/Growing and Packing Operations in Ontario, with Bay Growers and Bamford Family Farms located in the Beaver Valley. Combined with Fresh Advancements, Freshline Foods & Bamford Produce we are uniquely positioned to help with most if not all ones fresh produce needs.