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At Bamford Produce, we believe in protecting the environment. As a company, we continually focus on sustainability and strive to reduce our carbon footprint in all aspects of our operations. Whether it is improved warehousing and processing procedures to ensure resource conservation and to minimize environmental impact on our dedicated fleet maintenance and driving procedures, we are constantly investigating and embracing new systems and technologies as they become available to ensure we are the leaders when it comes to sustainability in our industry.

Recent Initiatives

Conversion of shipping containers to recycled materials: In the recent years we have saved the equivalent of 6300 mature trees.

Diversion of plant waste into recycling: All cardboard is recycled and all food waste is sent for animal feed.

We utilize high efficiency lighting and our packaging materials are 100% recyclable or compostable.

We use ROADNET GPS tracking and routing of all our delivery vehicles to reduce mileage, fuel consumption and unnecessary time on the road.