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Greenbelt Fund

At Bamford Produce, we always support Ontario grown local produce and offer it when it’s in season. We pride ourselves in pointing out our practices for a sustainable food industry. Bamford Produce recently committed with the Greenbelt Foundation to promote local consumption by increasing our local produce sales and supporting local farmers.

About the Greenbelt Fund

The Greenbelt Fund, a non-profit organization, supports and enhances the viability, integrity, and sustainability of agriculture in the Greenbelt and Ontario. The fund delivers support to farmers and local food leaders to ensure more of the good things that grow in Ontario are being served and distributed through our public institutions, retail, and foodservice markets. Helping to overcome challenges and support economic growth, the fund’s goal is to create systemic change to permanently increase the amount of local food consumed in the province through grants, education, policy, and networking initiatives.

For more information about the program and grants visit ontariofresh.ca.