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Local Program

Fresh Ontario

Fresh Ontario is Bamford Produce’s local food program offering Ontario-grown fruit and vegetable selections from trusted farmers and producers. A proudly Canadian and family owned company since 1881, Bamford Produce has been supporting our local economy for more than 135 years.

Our local food program is simple. As soon as the local produce season starts, we purchase local! So as long as certain fruits and vegetables are growing locally, you can be guaranteed that Bamford Produce will be able to provide these produce items directly to your business!

Building Strong Local Communities

At Bamford Produce, we know that by supporting our local farmers, we’re helping to:

Support our local economy
Protect and preserve precious farmland
Minimize the use of fossil fuels and pollution
Promote the bountiful selections of fresh, natural and organic produce that Ontario has to offer
If you require more information about our local program, please contact your account Sales Representative for more information.